“Novus Initium” preivew track

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Preview track for the collaboration album between AudioGrave and Kokenovem.

“Bringer Of War” by Daniel Yount


Major Announcements!

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Busy time for me here at AudioGrave. Forces Of Fate released on Itunes and Bandcamp just three days ago and we’re already starting to see what lies ahead for us.


Let’s start off first with some announcements of albums:

Vol. 3 “Sanctum” – Epic Drama

Vol. 4 “Epic Piano” – Heartfelt Piano Themes

Vol 5 “Nyctophobia” – Horror

Crash And Burn (Single album) – Our first single release. Features a cue only 50 seconds in length, but is sure to get your heart racing.

Collaboration album “Novus Initium”

Whew. Lots of new releases and albums to watch out for. Every album is set to release sometime before the end of August 2011. (Specific dates TBA)

We’re going to be really busy in the next couple of months, but we’re doing what we love to do. Bringing great music to great fans!




More preview tracks!

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Our newest preview tracks are up and ready for listening via soundcloud ( and facebook (!

Tracks are:

-“…To Die For”
-“The Eleventh Hour” (Normal, No Choir, and Choir Mix Only)